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About Us

LAPIXO is a family-owned and operated business in Perth, Western Australia. It was founded with the vision to provide natural, healthy and clean cosmetics products for Beauty & Health. We only use ingredients that are 100% edible & safe. All our products are made by LAPIXO in Perth.

Our backgrounds in chemistry, microbiology & engineering, along with many years of research, have enabled us to produce unique natural lipstick & lip tint products, made with 100% edible plant-based colour and antioxidant-rich ingredients, to colour, moisturise and nourish the lips and body. Almost all other lipsticks/lip tints contain colour additives such as minerals (e.g. iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica), synthetic pigments (e.g. CI, FD&C, D&C) and/or carmine because making lipstick/lip tint using 100% plant-based colour is exceptionally difficult.

We carefully select each ingredient for the formulation of each product. This is because “not all natural ingredients are edible and safe”. For lip products used daily, this is a concern, as what one puts on one’s lips will be licked and ingested. For example, castor oil is a commonly used ingredient of natural cosmetics but it is not generally considered to be edible so we do not include it in our formulations. Some natural minerals used as colour additives may contain toxic contaminants and impurities.

Our products:

  • Do not contain mineral oil, petroleum derivatives, parabens or castor oil.
  • Are palm oil and lanolin free.
  • Do not have a chemical after-taste.
  • Are not tested on animals (but we have no hesitation to use them ourselves).

We hope you will give our products a try and enjoy using them!

From the LAPIXO team